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The Poster for IT: Chapter Two Wants Us to Witness Pennywise’s End

Will the sequel float too?


Pennywise (Bll Skarsgård) tries to catch a new victim in a still from IT: Chapter One.

IT: Chapter One was a box office smash in 2017, with the highest opening weekend gross for any horror film. Ultimately, the project out-grossed Justice League at the box office, due to it being not only an excellent horror film but a lovely coming of age story with a great cast of mostly unknown tween actors. The sequel, which will feature well known actors like Jessica Chastain and Bill Hader, will undoubtably get a great deal of hype.

The trailer for the highly anticipated horror film, IT: Chapter Two, drops on Thursday, according to the king of horror himself, Stephen King. With only a few months left until the film actually is released in September, it’s time for the marketing train to leave the station and for fans to get their first real look at the sequel.

We’ve also now got a first poster for the film, which promises we’ll witness the end of IT. Despite not being as much of a pop culture fixture as the other big finales of the year, it makes sense that they’re leaning hard into the idea of this being the end, rather than a sequel that will lead to an endless line of sequels.

There can only be two parts because IT is one book that focuses on two different time periods; to have endless sequels would defeat the purpose and go beyond what makes the story memorable.

As someone who loves grand finales, I love the idea of marketing this as the end. There’s no confusion over who will win or who will lose; the book has been out for over twenty years, we can easily find out what happens. The excitement comes from seeing the new cast in action and seeing how the characters have grown and changed. IT was always about the core kids, rather than just scares. Assuming the creative team, which is the same as the first film, keeps the heart there, they’ll be looking at another hit.

Of course, there’s also the joy at seeing Pennywise in action again. Bill Skarsgård was a phenomenal choice for the role, and if any scene can match his opening moments from the first film, I’ll consider it a win.

There are some worries present (please don’t screw over Mike, and don’t reduce Bev to a damsel again) but overall this film will probably be a stand-out, and will also probably make a killing a the box office. In a year of excellent horror films, IT will provide some autumn chills and result in more Pennywise costumes on Halloween. Hopefully, the film will float too, rather than sink like a lead balloon.

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