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Tucker Carlson Got Canned From Fox News LOL

Evil is defeated from cabin in the woods

God there are moments in this world that just really feel like a gift to us all. Like Tucker Carlson getting fired. Or quitting? Whatever. He’s gone. The news broke that Carlson’s last show already happened and that Fox News and Tucker Carlson have parted ways, and man is that just funny. This news comes very shortly after Fox News settled with Dominion Voting Systems after Fox’s relentless attempt to say that there was some kind of voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Despite loudly and often decrying Joe Biden and praising Donald Trump, as part of the Dominion case, texts between Carlson and other Fox News anchors like Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity became public where therein Carlson talked about how much he hated the former president, expressed misogynistic remarks about a pro-Trump lawyer, and just painted a different picture of what he sold everyone’s racist family members on Fox News every show.

Now though, Fox and Carlson have “parted” ways.

Was Tucker Carlson fired?

The story is currently still developing and the language being used by Fox News is that they’ve parted ways. Whether that means Carlson stepped down, they told him to leave, or a combination of the two is still unknown. It sure does seem like Carlson didn’t know this was coming, though:

The timing with the Dominion settlement sure makes it seem like that could be the reason for Carlson’s presumed firing, although he was by no means the loudest voice pushing the “Big Lie” on the network. He is also currently being sued by a former employee alleging a toxic work environment comprised of antisemitism and misogyny, but it’s also not like that’s exactly unusual at the network.

So until we know more, at least we know that he’s gone.

Keep letting the trash be unemployed

Look, Fox News is never going to be a beacon of reliable news. But the fact that their bowtie-wearing golden boy with the worst takes and the most viewers got the axe? That’s actually hilarious. It doesn’t show that Fox News has any dignity—he will obviously be replaced with someone just as terrible—but it’s still worth celebrating.

Whatever the truth is, Fox News and Tucker Carlson have broken up and that’s a good thing even if it doesn’t stop the Fox News radicalization of middle America. At least the bowtie’s have been retired.

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