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‘Wish’ May Be Arriving Soon on Disney+

Wish premiered in theaters in November 2023 and had a bit of an underwhelming critical performance. As a result, viewers who chose to wait to watch it until streaming will be wondering when it’s due on Disney+.

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The film follows Asha (Ariana DeBose), a young woman living in the Kingdom of Rosas, where King Magnifico (Chris Pine) has the power to grant his residents’ wishes. However, when Asha comes to him with a powerful wish from her grandfather, only for it to be refused, she starts to question Magnifico’s intentions and why he insists on taking all his residents’ wishes despite only one wish being granted monthly. As a result, she sets out with her companions, an anthropomorphic Star and talking goat Valentino (Alan Tudyk), to save her kingdom and help its residents regain their wishes.

Wish received mixed reviews from critics. It was a watchable and enjoyable film with a whimsical premise and top-notch performance from DeBose. However, the movie went overboard with its references to the past and also contained some plot holes. Users also roasted one of the film’s villain songs before the movie was even released. It wasn’t necessarily a bad movie, but viewers were clearly expecting more from an animated film meant to commemorate Disney’s 100th anniversary. Many viewers likely opted to wait for Wish‘s streaming arrival, given its tepid reception.

When will Wish come to Disney+?

Ariana DeBose as Asha in Wish
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Unfortunately, Wish does not yet have a confirmed release date for Disney+. However, it shouldn’t be too long now. After all, the film has already been up on several digital platforms since January 23, 2024. It’s currently available for purchase on Apple TV, Prime, and Vudu for those who don’t want to wait for its streaming release. But it’s common for streaming releases to follow quickly after digital releases.

On top of that, Disney’s last computer-animated movie, Elemental, arrived on streaming within 89 days of its theatrical release. However, other Disney releases, such as The Little Mermaid, took over 100 days to arrive. It will have been 89 days since Wish‘s theatrical premiere on February 19. So, if it follows Elemental‘s pattern, its arrival could be quite soon. As DigitalSpy reported, though, Disney usually gives its streaming premieres a Wednesday debut. Hence, the movie could be arriving on Disney+ as early as February 21st or 28th.

The only problem is that Wish was not included on the platform’s official list of February releases. So, it’s also possible that the film is getting a longer theatrical run, like The Little Mermaid, and won’t arrive on streaming until early March.

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