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Despite Social Media Claims, It’s Too Soon To Tell if the Starbucks Boycott Is Working

All around the world, many are calling to boycott Starbucks and other companies alleged to be involved in funding the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The coffee chain giant recently sparked controversy for suing its own labor union for using the Starbucks logo in support of Palestine. Although Starbucks has consistently denied funding the IDF since 2014, the company was compelled to deny the allegations in a recent statement.

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The Starbucks union believes the company is only filing a suit against them to perpetuate an “anti-union campaign,” according to reports. Regardless, it appears that many are taking to social media to #BoycottStarbucks all over the world. There have been sightings of empty shops in some states, as well as queue-free Starbucks coffee shops that were once packed with customers outside of the United States.

But is it really working, or is it just that so many people on social media platforms, including TikTok and X (formerly Twitter), are pushing for a boycott? Some baristas claim that there are significantly fewer customers in their stores, which suggests the boycott is effective. Boycotts are happening around the world for Starbucks, and not just in North America. In Malaysia alone, investors were advised to sell shares of Starbucks’ franchise owner in the country, Berjaya Food. More than a month of boycotting during the busiest season of the year, and it turns out that the boycott did work, and it took international effort to get here. Starbucks lost roughly $11B in shares amidst holiday promotions, which is proof that individual actions can lead to the win of great causes.

Ultimately, boycotts are only effective when consumers make the decision to vote with their wallets. If you want to boycott Starbucks, either for its union-busting or politics, the best way to do so is to avoid spending money there and encourage people you know to do the same. There are other cafes out there for you to explore, so don’t admit defeat to big corporations and take your money elsewhere.

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