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Is the Secret of the Ooze That It’s From Toronto?

green ooze in a sink hole

You know, at this point, 2020 can’t phase me. Killer bugs? Old news. Hack politicians melting live on television? Come back when his head actually explodes. Green ooze filling a sinkhole in a residential street in Toronto? Why the heck not?

The ooze appeared in the Toronto suburb of Leslieville, specifically, according to BlogTO, in a sinkhole “on Hastings Avenue, between Queen and Dundas Streets East.” And the neon green substance drew instant attention from the curious on social media. The fact that this stuff literally looks like they melted Slimer from Ghostbusters certainly is fascinating.

There were references aplenty to explain this stuff. Toxic avengers. You Can’t Do That On Television (a Canadian show!) and Nickelodeon. But most folks came out of their shell because this goop reminded them of a very specific ooze.

But what WAS this stuff for real? The answer, the “authorities” claim, is that this is actually harmless dye that’s used to track for any other leaks from damaged pipes or other holes. All that water in the hole drains and repair people can find where it may be leaking out. Simple.

Which sounds plausible …  but where is the fun in that?

Only 42 days left in this year. How much weirder can we get?

(via: BlogToroto, image: screengrab)

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