Jacob Elordi eats a popsicle while reading 'Harry Potter' in 'Saltburn'

It’s Time for You To Experience ‘Saltburn’ in the Comfort of Your Own Estate

Saltburn took us back to a very specific time, specifically 2006 when Harry Potter and eyebrow rings were all the rage. (Jacob Elordi’s Livestrong bracelet will trigger some PTSD.) The Emerald Fennell film, while dividing audiences, is one of my favorites of the season.

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Now you can experience the chaos of Oliver Quick’s (Barry Keoghan) journey to Saltburn with Felix Catton and his family from the comfort of your own home because the film is finally streaming on Prime Video. What a perfect movie to explain to your family over the holiday break! They definitely need you to explain the bathtub scene to them. Personally, I can’t wait to unpack it with my own mother.

To help celebrate the release on Prime Video, the Cattons, along with Oliver Quick and Pamela (Carey Mulligan) gave us a Christmas card that reads “From our home to yours. Hope your holidays are filled with bliss, bliss, bliss…” (And may your bathtubs be filled with … well.)

Christmas card from the cast of Saltburn

Truly what a perfect way of bringing the Catton family home for the holiday season. Now, if you’ve already seen the movie, you know how the Cattons love to sell themselves: An ideal family with no problems at all, they probably would send this card to people and act like this was a perfect little family.

It’s a great bit for the movie and I’m excited for those who haven’t seen the movie yet. Now you can kick off your holiday binge-fest with the new Emerald Fennell film! Trust me, you’ll want to watch Saltburn if you haven’t yet.

The twists and turns are just as sweet at home

Oliver looking at his own destruction in 'Saltburn'

Saltburn has so many secret layers to it that if you got this far into the hype for Fennell’s latest film without being spoiled, keep it that way. Still, I hope that now that we can screengrab all our favorite moments, those who have not yet had the pleasure of a spoiler-free viewing of Saltburn can at least venture into the twisted mind of Oliver Quick as swiftly as possible.

Look, in reality, you probably should wait to watch this until your family becomes a bit too much and you need to just unwind with some wine and an unhinged film and a little Barry Keoghan dancing. Unless that’s a family activity for you guys, then go forth and conquer.

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