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Your Grandpa’s Favorite Show Is Leaving Netflix Soon

You’re a good grandkid, which is why you’re always hopping on Google to research the answers to your grandparents’ most pressing questions: Does Chili’s have an Early Bird special? Will it rain today? Tuesday Morning near me? And, the search that brought you here: Is NCIS leaving Netflix?

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If you’d like, I can talk to your grandpa directly. Hey pappy, hope you’re doing well and the weather isn’t messing with your summer grass schedule. I heard you love NCIS, the CBS procedural drama about a handsome young fellow named Leroy Jethro Gibbs (they don’t name ’em like they used to, eh?) who works for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service as a special agent, investigating various crimes linked to the Navy and Marines. The show has been airing since 2003, when your grandkid here was fresh out of the oven. Simpler times, I know.

Now, to address your question: Yes, NCIS is leaving Netflix soon. But it also isn’t. Let me explain. There are 15 seasons of NCIS currently streaming on Netflix. On June 30, seasons 1 through 11 will no longer be available on Netflix, but you’ll still be able to revisit seasons 12 through 15, and Netflix is adding seasons 16 and 17, in case you haven’t seen those yet. You’ll be able to watch the first 11 seasons on Paramount+, which has all the CBS shows you love, like Blue Bloods and that fun Equalizer series starring Queen Latifah. And Paramount+ has newer seasons of NCIS, too, if you’re keen to check those out.

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