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Is Muffin From ‘Bluey’ a Boy or a Girl? Answered

Some of the characters from Bluey have genders that are quite ambiguous. Take Bluey herself, for example. Yep, herself! Many people mistake Bluey for a boy, because she’s the same blue color as her father Bandit, but she’s actually a girl.

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The show challenges gender assumptions by doing this. Just because Bluey is, well, blue, it doesn’t mean she’s male. Colors shouldn’t have a gender! And Bluey also enjoys toys and games that should be enjoyed by any child regardless of gender. (All of us who have worked in retail know full well the frustration of seeing a parent refuse a child a toy because it happens to be pink or blue, “for girls” or “for boys”.)

So Bluey is a girl—but what about her cousin Muffin? Muffin is a white dog (a white heeler, in fact) without a clear gender, but she too is female.

However! If you’re watching a dubbed version of the show, there’s a chance your Muffin might be male. You see, according to the Bluey Wiki, Muffin is male in the Arabic and Dutch dubs of the show, and has a male voice in the Latin American Spanish dub.

But, Muffin’s gender doesn’t really change anything about Bluey, because Bluey is so determinedly not about gender. It’s true that Muffin likes to wear a ballet tutu… but little boys can do that too. And Muffin’s other traits, such as being strong-willed and not quite understanding yet how games work, are likewise nothing to do with her gender.

Muffin is actually one of the most popular characters on Bluey and her episodes are among the best ones the show has to offer!

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