Muffin in a ballerina tutu

Meet Muffin in These 10 Hilarious ‘Bluey’ Episodes

If you watch Bluey, you’ll be familiar with Muffin, the little cousin of the title character. She’s what some parents would call a “threenager”—she’s rude, uncooperative, and prone to throwing tantrums. But we love her anyway.

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There are a LOT of Bluey episodes and Muffin doesn’t appear in all, or even most, of them. So we’ve put together a list of all the best Blueys where Muffin has a role. Sit yourself down and give them a watch. You don’t even have to have your own threenager!

10. BBQ

The Heeler cousins in "BBQ"

Muffin’s first appearance! Muffin makes Bingo run around to make “salad” and in the process little Bingo injures Bandit multiple times. Such is life when you’re the best dog dad around. Muffin greatly enjoys the later hose mishap caused by Bingo and has a great time at the BBQ.

9.Verandah Santa

Muffin, Bingo, Bluey and Bandit in "Verandah Santa"

A Bluey Christmas episode! Muffin plays “verandah Santa” with her cousins but things keep going awry. The main focus of this episode is Bluey learning how to say sorry to people, especially to her bitey 1-year-old cousin Socks, but Muffin gets some good lines in as well.

8. Horsey Ride

Bingo and Muffin riding Bandit and Stripe while Bluey helps

Bluey is all excited for her cousins and uncle to come over so they can play “horsey.” Unfortunately, Bluey forgot to put away her special toy and so Socks, who hasn’t learned what sharing is yet, takes it. The girls decide to play “horsey wedding” with the supervising adults instead, and the result is an adorable and very silly episode.

7. Backpackers

Bandit and Chilli using Muffin, Socks, Bluey and Bingo as 'backpacks'

The Heeler family plays a game of backpackers and Muffin serves as one of Chilli’s backpacks. It’s a thoroughly adorable game where the girls learn to be good tourists, but then the backpackers “lose their passports” thanks to Muffin and her cousins. Playing games with Muffin sure isn’t an easy task, but Bandit and Chilli have it well in hand.

6. Faceytalk

Muffin is carried off camera as Bluey and Bingo look on

It’s time for “Faceytalk” with Muffin and Socks! But Muffin won’t let Socks (who has now learned to talk) share the screen. Her hogging makes Uncle Stripe full-name her (gasp!) and eventually put her in timeout. So Muffin just steals Stripe’s phone instead. She’s a handful of a child all right.

5. Charades

Grandma, Socks and Muffin in "Charades"

Bluey, Muffin, Bingo and Socks go to their grandmother’s house and play a game of charades with her. Muffin isn’t good at taking turns, though, and she starts to act up when she gets a card she doesn’t like. Then when she gets the ballerina card she wants, she demands a tutu. Parents will be very familiar with Muffin’s strong-willed behavior in this episode.

4. Library

Bluey and Muffin in the play library

Another episode where parents may shake their heads in amusement (or mild frustration) at some of Muffin’s antics. Muffin visits her cousins and plays library with them, but immediately starts making demands, talking too loud, and not sharing. Then things only get worse when the adults tell Bluey to let Muffin play how she wants. Turns out it’s all Stripe’s fault, because he called Muffin “the most special kid in the world” and accidentally led her to believe she didn’t have to follow rules. Yep, the Bluey parents are flawed, but they learn.

3. Muffin Cone

Muffin in her cone trying to suck her thumb

Muffin gets her name in the title of this episode! She has to wear a cone in order to stop her sucking her thumb, and she’s not happy about it to say the least. But every time it comes off, the thumb goes right back into her mouth again. A very relatable episode for all parents who’ve had to try and get their child to break a bad habit before it gets out of hand.

2. Sleepover

Muffin rolling about on top of a white table

Muffin comes to sleep over at her cousins’ house and they even get to stay up late. But Muffin skipped her nap and she’s totally hyperactive. Parents everywhere will recognize the trials of supervising a kid in the middle of learning to sleep during the night. All Muffin can do is babble, shake things, and declare herself “the flamingo queen.” Thank god we’ve all grown out of that.

1. Granny Mobile

Bandit pushing Muffin on a motorized scooter

Bluey, Muffin and Bingo attend a yard sale at neighbor Doreen’s house and decide to play Grannies. Muffin unsurprisingly ends up being a grouchy granny, and she’s hilarious with it. Then an actual grouchy granny (an angry pug) shows up and wants to buy the “granny mobile” Muffin is playing with. Muffin argues her into paying the correct price for the scooter, Doreen having massively undersold it, and Doreen calls her “one in a million.” She’s right, of course.

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