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Fans React to the ‘House of the Dragon’ Theme Song Surprise and Honestly? It’s Funny!

Matt Smith and Emma D'Arcy in House of the Dragon (2022) as Targ trash

Imagine you’re a fan of Westeros and Game of Thrones and you’re waiting for the new theme for HBO’s House of the Dragon spinoff to drop. For many of us, the opening credits of Game of Thrones were a no-skip situation because the theme song is a bop. So, when HotD rolled up, we all just assumed we’d be getting a new theme song to rock out to. What we got instead was … well … different and not different at the same time.

Gone is the journey through Westeros on a map and now we are blood traveling through a stone city. Andddddddd that’s where the differences end. Yes, if you missed the good ole “Game of Thrones Theme” and wished it would make a weekly return back into your life, you’re in luck! The song is back, filling the title sequence in the second episode of House of the Dragons and I did, in fact, cackle out loud the minute that it happened.

There were those of us who loved it. Like truly the minute the theme started, I cackled, cheered, and screamed along to the tune like I did during Game of Thrones and all felt right in the world once more.

Because who out there doesn’t still rock out to the Game of Thrones theme.

And then there are those who hate it so much so that they are just tweeting about what they wish the theme was instead of repurposing the same song.

To be honest, it truly is either you were extremely into it or absolutely hated it. I’ve seen only a few people in between the two.

Just accept the vibes

To be honest, I figured that I would love House of the Dragon because it had one of my all time favorite actors on it (in Matt Smith) and because I enjoyed Game of Thrones, but I wasn’t prepared for how I was going to feel going into this show. I just feel like spending Sunday nights watching House of the Dragon and tweeting along.

And if that means that we have the same exact theme song instead of a new one, then so be it. Now, I just need Adam Scott to start tweeting “DRAGON” and all will be complete.

(featured image: HBO)

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