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Ending ‘Chainsaw Man’ Now Would Be Foolish

Denji gives a peace sign in 'Chainsaw Man'

Is Chainsaw Man really over, or has it just begun?

Chainsaw Man took the anime world by storm when it first debuted. How could it not? For one, it’s got a great protagonist. For two, it’s got boob-touching! Who doesn’t like some consensual boob-touching? (Well, maybe Jesus?)

As of now, season 1 has officially ended and anime fans everywhere are wondering if the show will be returning. Spoiler alert: it will. Okay, look, nothing is set in stone. No official release date for season 2 has been confirmed. HOWEVER, the people at MAPPA would have to be FOOLS to not milk this cash cow for all it’s worth.

While the manga was already a huge success, the anime chainsawed its way through the competition and is widely regarded as one of the most profitable anime titles of 2022. Some say that Chainsaw Man is the MOST successful anime of the year, beating out fan-favorite juggernauts like Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia.

When will the new season of Chainsaw Man premiere?

Season 2 of Chainsaw Man could potentially release in the fall of 2023, as MAPPA tends to follow a yearly pattern with its releases. However, it’s possible that the second season could be delayed to 2024, according to rumors reported to Anime Geek. These rumors go so far as to say that, while unconfirmed, MAPPA has already started working on season 2.

As for the manga, it’s still going strong, too. The Chainsaw Man manga is already sitting at 13 volumes, and even more are on the way. If the studio decides to adapt them all, we might have a decade of Chainsaw Man in the future. What a bright future that will be!

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