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Game Boy iPod

I missed this awesome casemod when it made the online rounds a while back, but thanks to the magic of Tumblr, I’ve discovered Ryan Luke Johns‘ clever iBoy design. As diagrammed above, it’s got the hardware of an iPod wrapped up in a classic Game Boy case, with a dock connector cleverly inserted such that the Game Boy buttons correspond to iPod functions.

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The iBoy is an iPod case with an internal dock connector—allowing the user to control the iPod with the buttons of an outdated Game Boy. Complete with a functioning speaker, hold switch, and headphone port, the iBoy is a user-friendly theft-deterrent.

The iPod has evolved and segmented quite a bit since Johns designed the iBoy in 2006, but this would still look pretty boss with an iPod Classic.

(iBoy via It’s all for you via EPICponyz | Artist’s page)

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