iPhone 5 Cases Supposedly Show Radical Design, Look Like a Rectangle Like Every Other Smart Phone

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Case-Mate, an iPhone case maker, published a page on its website that showed off six different supposed iPhone 5 case designs, which would obviously provide insight as to what the iPhone , expected to release sometime in October, would look like. Boy Genius Report calls the new design “radical,” but the phone looks like a big rectangle that barely fits in your jeans pocket when you sit down as much as it ever did. It features tapered edges, I suppose. Revolutionizing smart phone body design the world over. The iPhone 5 is rumored to be thinner, a little longer and wider, and lighter than the iPhone 4.

The Case-Mate product page has since been pulled, but will probably be republished once the iPhone 5 releases. Until Apple officially announces the device, we can only sit around and have fevered dreams of how rectangular the phone will be. My money is on smart phone rectangular.

(Boy Genius Report via Techmeme)

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