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Whoa: Adobe Demos Photoshop for iPad

Adobe and Apple may have had their past squabbles over Apple’s refusal to make the iPad run Flash, but Adobe isn’t vindictive. The video above, taken at Photoshop World 2011, shows that Adobe has been hard at work developing an incredible Photoshop app for the iPad. Adobe currently offers an app called Photoshop Express for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, but this looks an order of magnitude better.

This app isn’t obviously underpowered like Photoshop Express, nor does it merely attempt to port over the features of desktop Photoshop without regard for platform: Rather, it knows and behaves like it’s a touchscreen app without being reduced to a dinky toy. No word on when this will be released or what it will even be called. This probably wouldn’t meet many needs of hardcore graphic designers with a pixel-by-pixel attention to detail, but it certainly gives the lie to the tired line about the iPad being a device for consumption and not for creation.

(via Drawn)

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