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INTERVIEW: Luke Evans, Michiel Huisman, and Jessie Collins Talk Family in ‘Echo 3’

Luke Evans and Michiel Huisman in Echo 3

Echo 3 is an Apple TV+ show about U.S. Army special ops team members Bambi (Luke Evans) and Prince (Michiel Huisman), and scientist Amber (Jessie Collins), and how their relationships are tested when Amber is abducted by enemy forces. Bambi is Amber’s brother, and the series starts with Prince and Amber’s wedding, and we’re thrown right into their relationship, and it works so well because Evans, Huisman, and Collins are so tuned into their characters.

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When speaking to the cast, I started by asking Evans what it was about Bambi as a character that drew him into the series. “He is full of love, he’s full of depth and he, hard as his job is and whatever he’s been through in his life, is probably indescribable. He’s still very much connected to his emotional core,” he said. “And I’ve always liked characters, as hard as, or as macho as they can be, to find the human side of these characters and make them relatable to everybody is super important. I mean, it’s not all, you know, guns and explosions. There’s a lot more to all of our characters than just what you initially see. And I like that about Bambi very much.”

He went on to talk about Bambi’s name and how it helped him understand the character. “And I also love his name,” he said. “His name just sort of informed me so much about how I was gonna play him because I thought this guy’s got a heart. He can do a lot of dangerous things, but I think deep down, he’s a family guy and he loves his sister dearly and the brotherhood that he has with Prince, they’ve been through so much together and I think that bond was super important. And I think it’s what audiences will really latch onto, I hope, is this journey of these people and the relationships they have with each other and the connection that keeps them driving forward the 10 episodes.”

You can see our full interview here:

Echo 3 is currently airing on Apple TV+.

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