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INTERVIEW: Jessie Ennis and Ashly Burch Tease Friendship’s Key Role in ‘Mythic Quest’ Season 3

Rachel, Jo, and Dana in Mythic Quest

Mythic Quest continues to be one of the best comedies on television, both in the way it explores a corporate setting that is less than normal (given that the show focuses on a gaming company) and also how its characters grow and interact with each other. And it really is a joy seeing how these characters have changed from season 1 to now because many of them have become more vulnerable in their approach to their “working” relationships.

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For Jo (Jessie Ennis) and Rachel (Ashly Burch), they both have created new friendships at Mythic Quest, but they are also both incredibly awkward individuals who struggle with easy interactions. What’s great about season 3 is that it sort of comes to their advantage as they both are working to figure out what they need in their lives.

Jo doesn’t have any friends and keeps trying to be included in the plans of those around her, and Rachel doesn’t have the support system she once did at Mythic Quest while she’s at school, and seeing the two of them navigate their friendships and their lives is a fun change of pace for the series. And getting to talk with both Ennis and Burch, it’s clear the two love working together and playing Jo and Rachel.

When I asked Ennis about Jo’s friendship journey, I pointed out that this season has Jo trying to make friends in a way that is very much the Jo way of doing things. “I love how you put it, ‘the Jo way,'” Ennis said. “Jo’s very unique, her way is different than pretty much everyone else in the world, let’s hope. And I love seeing this kind of softer side of her.”

For Burch, I asked about Rachel just showing up at Mythic Quest despite not working there and why she keeps finding ways to be a part of her friend group despite leaving at the end of season 2. “The thing I really like about this season is I think you get to see a lot more about Rachel,” Burch said. “And what I think is kind of fun to play about it that she’s just so clearly avoiding dealing with her life, which I think we all know a bit of what that feels like.”

You can see our whole interview here:

Mythic Quest airs Fridays on Apple TV+ and it is such a good feeling to have Mythic Quest back in my life.

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