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INTERVIEW: Charlotte Nicdao and Imani Hakim Talk New Dynamics and Friends in Season 3 of ‘Mythic Quest’

Charlotte Nicdao and Imani Hakim in Mythic Quest

Mythic Quest is back! Season 3 hit Apple TV+ starting last week and each Friday, we’re gifted with a return to our favorite gaming company employees. And this season, everyone is on one of two sides: Mythic Quest or Hera. And leading the Hera team is Poppy, Ian, and Dana! Which is why it was so exciting getting to talk to Charlotte Nicdao (who plays Poppy Li) and Imani Hakim (who plays Dana) about the new season.

Season 3 is a big turning point for both Poppy and Dana and so I asked both Nicdao an Hakim what their favorite parts of this season were. For Nicdao, what excited her about season 3’s arc was getting to explore Poppy and her dream game. “Well I think that it was really fun to get to explore this element of Poppy’s dream coming true,” she said. “She’s finally working on something that belongs to her. She’s no longer the one supporting Ian’s vision. It’s the other way around. And I think, just like in season two, there was a bit of an element of ‘be careful what you wish for.’ This is happening again in season three. She’s got all this power, she’s got all this control and she doesn’t have many of the skills that you need to be able to wield that power, which, you know, often results in her being a mess and very hilarious. But at the same time, one of my favorite things about this season was getting to explore some of the new relationships that she’s building, especially the one with Dana.”

For Hakim, it was about Dana’s journey into her own sense of power this season.”In season two, Dana approaches Ian and Poppy and she shows her really terrible grouchy goat video game, but they can see the potential. So she really leans into that,” Hakim said. “They believe in her. So it’s really exciting because we see Dana just take control of her life. She climbs the ranks and this business with such class and her head held high and this confidence and she learns so much from both Poppy and Ian. And she even takes on some of their personality traits too, so it’s a really fun season.”

You can see our full interview here:

Mythic Quest airs Fridays on Apple TV+ and god does it feel good to have it back.

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