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Computer Interface That Types With Brain Waves Makes Commercial Debut

The Intendix is a new brain-computer interface that allows patients with locked-in syndrome and other incapacitating disabilities to type using thought alone: One fixates one’s attention on a block of letters, the system scrolls through that block, and when one arrives at the letter they want, brain waves peak, the computer types that letter, and it moves on to the next letter for selection. Expert Intendix users will be able to type as fast as one word per second.

The Intendix retails for about $12,300; according to Singularity Hub, while “Intendix isn’t cheap, but it’s the first thought to type system available that’s geared towards easy to setup personal use in the home.”

It’s a fascinating thing to see in action:

Singularity Hub has a few more Intendix demo videos.

(Singularity Hub via Hacker News)

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