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This Indiana Jones Fan Theory Explains A Lot About How Indy’s Made It This Far

Maybe this is even why we might be getting an Indiana Jones 5?



Over the course of four movies, Indiana Jones has been through a lot. In his quests to recover mythical items of archaeological legend, he’s gotten beat up a ton of times, been chased by a giant boulder, fallen into a pit of snakes, survived the wrath of the Holy Grail, nearly been a human sacrifice… oh, and there was that one time he made it through an atomic bomb by shutting himself in a fridge.

While it might seem pretty unlikely that Indy could’ve come out on the other end of that bomb explosion in one piece, a fan theory explains why he might be a little sturdier than most:

Food for Thought: Indiana Jones drinking from the Holy Grail helped him survive unlikely scenarios, most notably the infamous fridge scene.

Who else forgot that Indy actually drank from the right cup in the quest for the Holy Grail? He was also able to heal his dad from a mortal bullet wound, but it seems like even at least a small swallow of the water from the cup of Christ would be enough to increase one’s longevity–even if it didn’t make him immortal:

Of course, this could also be in line with the whole “Scully is immortal” theory on X-Files–constantly winked at but never officially confirmed–but it does explain a lot.

(via Radio Times)

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