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Amusing but Ultimately Flimsy Rumor of the Day: Indiana Jones to Be Rebooted With Bradley Cooper

Movie Studio Exec: Okay, so we definitely want that gold idol.

Intern: You mean a continuation of the Indiana Jones franchise?

Movie Studio Exec: Yes. What if we replaced Harrison Ford with… a bag of sand of similar weight?

Intern: Probably you should replace him with another actor.

Movie Studio Exec: But of similar weight.

Latino Review is reporting that “the studios” (presumably Disney, as the company gained control of the franchise with their acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012) may reboot the Indy franchise, putting Bradley Cooper in the title role.

Well, actually, their anonymous sources are reporting it. Or rather, they’re reporting that if George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Harrison Ford can’t agree on a fifth Indy movie within a certain window of time, Disney is “100% prepared” to just reboot the series. Those anonymous sources say that if they did that, one of the actors they’d approach in their first round of tests would be Bradley Cooper.

That’s a lot of ifs attached to an unspecified deadline that could be years from now (during which time the studio’s opinion might change), on the words of an anonymous source. But it’s a juicy, fan-enraging (or exciting, depending on just how depressed Kingdom of the Crystal Skull made you) idea, and so you’re likely to see it floating around a lot today. Probably reporters are already calling Bradley Cooper to ask him whether he’d want to be Indiana Jones (I’m gonna take a wild guess that his answer will boil down to “yes”). Just know that while it’s crazy and interesting, there’s not a lot to back it up as truth.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get out of the way of the giant boulder that studio exec released.

(Latino Review via Big Shiny Robot.)

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