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India Is The Top Source For Spam Email


According to a recent report from Internet security firm Kaspersky, India is currently the number one country in the world when it comes to generating spam email. According to Kasperksy, in the third quarter of last year, spam accounted for about 79.8% of email traffic, and the top three countries responsible for generating it were India at 14.8%, Indonesia at 10.6%, and Brazil at 9.7%. This is a little bit up from a reported low point this summer, and India might be to blame.

Apparently, pressure on spammers has driven many of them to India where the laws are much more agreeable to people who want to send millions upon millions of unsolicited emails about male enhancement. Of course, it also helps that India has a lot of people behind computers. It comes in third (behind the U.S. and China) on the list of countries with the most Internet users. To boot, India is fairly new to the whole cybercrime thing. There aren’t many laws pertaining to it and an overall lack of technical awareness in India makes it easy for those who know how to build botnets.

The hope is that the Indian government will come around and come up with a way to curb spam generation from the inside out. You’ve got to be careful though, take “lack of technical awareness” and mix it up with a little “intention to solve cybercrime,” and if you’re not careful, you might pass SOPA.

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