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The First Full Trailer for Incredibles 2 Is Here & It’s Everything We Hoped It Would Be

Feminist AF.

We’ve been looking forward to the release of Incredibles 2 for what seems like forever, and now that the first full trailer has been released, it’s clear our excitement was not misplaced.

We’d already learned a bit about what to expect from the movie, including some new characters and a plotline that would have Helen (Elastigirl) in the spotlight, and Bob (Mr. Incredible) staying home to take care of the kids. That’s what the trailer focuses on, with Elastigirl being recruited by a corporate tycoon who wants to fight the criminalization of superheroes. She gets to go out into the world, fight crime, and be admired by fans.

While Bob struggles in his new role, I love that–from what the trailer tells us–he’s totally supportive of his wife and embraces the role of stay-at-home dad. Too often, depictions of fathers caring for their children look more like bad, bumbling babysitters than capable parents. It’s a common trope that not only perpetuates the expectation that women take on the full parenting burden, but it’s pretty insulting to men.

Again, Bob clearly isn’t the perfect parent, but he’s capable, supportive, and enthusiastic. And we know that ultimately–as Brad Bird has said–this movie is “fundamentally a story about family.” He may be at his wit’s end, but it still strikes a great chord when he says to Frozone, “I’ve got to succeed so she can succeed so we can succeed!”

Plus, more Edna!

The movie is set for a June 15th release. We’ve already waited 14 years for this sequel, so four more months shouldn’t feel like an eternity, but right now, it does.

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