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New Meme Really Nails Everyone’s Least Favorite Restaurant Trend

Choose your fighter!

If you’re someone who hates scanning QR codes to order at restaurants, but think complaining about it makes you seem like a boomer or uncool, you are not alone. There’s a new meme format that’s rallying some big league players to your cause!

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See, scanning a QR code to order is like this: The minute you sit down on your table, everyone’s on their phone. Sometimes the link opens, sometimes it glitches. It’s multiple scroll options. And God forbid if a message or notification hits, and you begin checking that … It’s over now. You’re distracted. No wonder, some people, usually no-nonsense and older, dislike it when asked to scan a QR code to order at a restaurant. And it’s probably happened a lot because a meme about it instantly took off.

Users on X (formerly Twitter) are sharing which fictional character would absolutely fix anyone who asked them to scan a QR code with a death stare!

From Tywin Lannister of Game of Thrones to Emily Gilmore of Gilmore Girls and Lucile Bluth of Arrested Development, this list is going to make you laugh and wish that if ever these characters were asked to scan a QR code at a restaurant to order food, you were seated at a nearby table for the drama!

Livia Soprano (Nancy Marchand) from The Sopranos would probably go, “I wish the Lord would take me now” if anyone asked her to use a digital menu. And you know, this is close to how most of us feel at that very moment.

The money Gilmore Girls fans like yours truly would pay to watch Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop) head off anyone who tries to get her to scan a QR code. We deserve another revival season just for this!

Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) from Damages would probably sue, right?

Can you hear Abbott Elementary’s Barbara Howard (Sheryl Lee Ralph ) saying, “Sweet baby Jesus and the grown one too!” as she picks up those little cards with QR codes? 

Okay, nobody mention computers or scanning or anything digital in front of Rupert Giles (Anthony Stewart Head) from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Dorothy Zbornak (Bea Arthur) from The Golden Girls would have the most savage response, probably telling them they are one chromosome away from being a potato!

“The lion does not concern himself with the QR codes of sheep.”
–Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance) in Game of Thrones when asked to check a digital menu.

Well, technically, Emily would do it for her beforehand. But if it absolutely had to be Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) from The Devil Wears Prada, she would simply purse her lips. And everyone would be running around like the place was on fire. 

IDK, Queen Clarisse (Dame Julie Andrew) from The Princess Diaries, genteel that she is, might actually try it on a good day if her granddaughter insisted. But on a bad day, she’ll take a leaf out of Mia’s book and just say, “Me? Scan a QR code? Shut up!”

Professor Minerva McGonagall (Maggie Smith) from Harry Potter will have transfigured the first thing she can find into a physical menu, given you detention, and docked points from your house, and then would offer you a biscuit, all in five minutes. You wouldn’t be able to say another word, because cat got your tongue!

“Your Ladyship, physical menus are a thing of the past. QR codes are the future.”

Lady Catherine de Bourgh from Pride & Prejudice: “Upon my word, you give your opinion very decidedly for so young a person.”

 Renata Klein from Big Little Lies when asked to scan a code:

Laura Dern as Renata Klein throwing something angrily in Big Little Lies

Bunny Caldwell (Christine Baranski) from Cruel Intentions (1999) would be so offended. “How dare you treat me with such disrespect!?”

Excuse me? You think Succession’s Logan Roy (Brian Cox) from Succession would ever eat at a place that asks people to scan QR codes for menus?

Choose your fighter, and choose ‘em well, and we might just get physical menus back at restaurants!

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