Nigel Farage making a doofusy gesture while speaking at an event.
Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP, The UK Indepenence Party, addresses the party faithful, campaigns as an anti racist party whilst against immigration and the EU. The front rows of the hall are filled with multi ethnic supporters to reinforce the message.

‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!’ Brings Us Deeper Into the Darkest Timeline With Latest Casting

We are officially in the darkest timeline. I am obsessed with reality TV but this is a step too far. I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here has been a staple on British television since 2002. Each year celebrities go into the jungle and embark on dangerous but highly entertaining challenges including skydiving and eating crocodile penises. They’re secluded in the jungle with no electronics and no Cadbury’s chocolate.

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Unfortunately, the cast hasn’t always made us jump for joy. This year appears to be the worst yet, thanks to disgraceful U.K. politician Nigel Farage. I mean, who seriously asked for this man to get any more spotlight? I for one don’t want a redemption arc for someone such as this.

We’re not celebrities … get US out of here!

The cast of this year’s I’m a Celeb is shocking. Not only will I have to endure seeing Nigel Farage’s mug on my TV each night, but we will also be greeted by Britney Spears’ problematic sister Jamie Lynn. However, no one can stop talking about former UKIP leader and Brexit party leader Nigel Farage waltzing into the jungle despite his controversial career.

There are few politicians we like, but Nigel Farage is one of the worst in the U.K. right now. Farage is no stranger to controversy. He has constantly proven he’s a racist, bitter man, and the world needs less of him, not more! He constantly blames immigrants for sexual assaults, making him late to work (really), and said he’d have an issue with immigrants living on his street. 

As a mother myself, one moment that stood out for me was when he said breastfeeding women should sit in a corner … don’t believe me? From The Independent, Mr. Farage sparked protests from mothers after he told women to “sit in the corner” if they wanted to breastfeed their children. “I think that given that some people feel very embarrassed by it, it isn’t too difficult to breastfeed a baby in a way that’s not openly ostentatious,” Mr Farage said. He added, “Or perhaps sit in the corner, or whatever it might be.”

Nigel Farage has been accused of promoting Nazi-style propaganda, and honestly, that’s not as farfetched as you would think. It’s disgusting that ITV would even allow someone who’s openly racist to promote themselves on this reality show.

Farage isn’t the first horrid politician to enter the Australian jungle. Matt Hancock also took part in I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here despite thousands of upset fans.

X (Twitter) reactions

I’m not the only one who’s utterly appalled by the news of Nigel Farage heading into the jungle. Here’s what others are saying about the news.

God, we hope not …

Are you just as disgusted as I am they’re paying this man over £1 million?!

Sometimes we can’t help but laugh. 

We are officially in the bad place folks.

I’m just going to leave this here.

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