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This Vest Lets Your Dog Take a Photo of Whatever Makes Their Tail Wag

If dogs had social media, what sorts of photos would they share? Perhaps they’d snap a pic of their favorite park, their best friend, a new toy, or a meal they’re about to enjoy. You know, the same types of stuff that humans share on social media! The “Posting Tail,” a wearable camera for dogs designed by Pedigree Spain and Saatchi & Saatchi, can auto-detect the tail-wagging of its canine wearer and takes a photo of whatever the dog’s observing during that happy moment.

As far as technological inventions go, this one is undeniably silly, and I was all set to make fun of it until I actually watched the video. I could take or leave the voiceover jokes in the video, but seeing the actual photos taken by the dogs? It made me feel all sentimental. If I could replace my entire social media feed with un-captioned photos taken by happy dogs, I think that would improve my internet experience significantly.

Usually I file technological innovations of this sort under “eccentric toys for rich people,” but The Posting Tail doesn’t have a price-tag, so it might be more accessible than I think it is. In fact, you can currently enter to win a week-long trial run with the vest via the Pedigree Facebook page. All you have to do is take a good photo of your dog and write a funny caption for it, then upload it into the comments of this Facebook post before April 19th:

This technology may not seem “useful” in a typical way, but it does seem like a project that could go towards making social media into a nicer place. Even if the product doesn’t catch on commercially, it still makes for an adorable one-off photography project—a celebration of the simple joys of being alive and exploring the world. Keep on wagging those tails, dogs!

(via Laughing Squid)

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