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The Ice Cream Truck Is Outside, What Are You Getting?

It's officially summer!

There are a couple of sure-fire signs of summer being on the horizon—besides looking at the calendar date, that is. I’ve noticed an uptick of beach-ready clothing ads in my inbox and a steady increase in inflatable pool toys at my local department store. The weather is warmer, the sunset is later, and my air conditioner has been on for days because we’re already hitting 90-degree weather.

Even with all of these signs, there’s one tried and true way to know that summer is here.

The ice cream truck.

Listen. I’m a whole ass adult. But the second I hear that jingle it triggers an emotion in me that instantly puts a smile on my face. As a kid, before the ice cream truck, the only kind of ice cream I had was whatever my parents had in the freezer or getting ice cream cones from Baskin N Robbins as a treat. Finding out that, during the summer, there was a truck that drove around the neighborhood with a variety of frozen treats was mindblowing. From Bomb Pops to character-themed ice cream you tried based on what cartoon you were into, the truck was how you knew summer was officially here.

And yes, of course, as an adult I know that a lot of the ice cream available via truck is right in the freezer section of your local grocery store, but it really isn’t the same, okay?!

I imagine that’s why so many people are reacting to this tweet from director Andrea Nordgren, causing different kinds of ice cream to trend.

Can I just say that I’m looking at that Strawberry Shortcake and getting kinda sad because I bought a box recently and it does NOT taste the same way it did when I’d get it from the ice cream truck all those years ago? Neither does the Firecracker (Bomb Pops is what my mom and I called them), which I swear has gotten SMALLER.

Also, I have no idea where the character ice cream comes from. To this day it remains a mystery to me. I’ve never seen any of them in-store. Are disfigured character ice cream treats an ice cream truck exclusive?

(This is the part where someone tells me to look in the gas station freezer or something, I just know it).

Speaking of character ice cream, people have (rightfully) pointed out the one mutilated character that brings us all together when it comes to enjoying cool treats on a hot day.

On second thought maybe it’s best that this remains a tucked away childhood memory.

What’s really fun about this post is learning about types of ice cream I didn’t even know existed. Like. What region of the country does this delightful-looking snack come from?

And, excuse me? Sailor Moon ice cream?! WHERE?!

From what’s pictured on the original list I remember the Chipwich being the thing I’d always want, mostly because I didn’t know it was possible to make an ice cream sandwich like this. I was used to the traditional ice cream sandwiches (the Neopolitan one is still a favorite), so discovering that there was a sandwich made with soft, chocolate chip cookies was a lot for my kid self to take in. Of course, I’d try and figure out how to make it myself, but it was never the same as the one I’d get from the ice cream truck.

What is your go-to ice cream truck favorite? More importantly, WHERE do I find that Sailor Moon one?

(Image: Reddit), Gribiche @ Wikimedia Commons)

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