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This Morning In the Ice Bucket Challenge: Pedro Pascal, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel, Creepy Ronald McDonald (??), And More

“Plant a tree for Groot”

Look at Vin Diesel, bringing cinematography to his Ice Bucket Challenge! Other celebs who dumped a bucket of ice water on their head in support of finding a cure for ALS: Zoe Saldana (well, her husband, for pregnancy reasons), Emma Stone, Game of Thrones‘ Sophie Turner and Pedro Pascal, James Gunn, Ben Affleck, and Psych‘s Dulé Hill, who gave the most intense Ice Bucket Challenge performance I have to date witnessed. This round of challengees includes Lena Headey, Dame Maggie Smith (Appreciate it, Emma Stone. Don’t think it’ll happen, but appreciate it.), Andrew Garfield, James Cameron, Michael Rooker, Uzo Aduba, and PUTIN.

Oh, and Ronald McDonald, who was challenged by Coca-Cola Co. senior vice president of integrated marketing Wendy Clark, did the challenge as well. Can we not bring multi-billion dollar corporate mascots into this, please? It seems like a common sense thing.

The “creepy” in the title is because a McDonalds near my house when I was growing up had a giant inflatable Ronald McDonald perched on its roof 24/7, and I still haven’t completely recovered from the terror it instilled. OK, go watch Chris Pratt’s Ice Bucket Challenge again.

(via Fashionably Geek, thanks to tipster Lauren for the Pascal and Turner hat tip)

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