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I Need a Romance Novel Inspired by This Real-Life Beauty Pageant Romance, Now

They're accidentally in love.

Meet cutes are the backbone of romance novels. Everyone loves a good meet cute. Yes, they can be a bit forced or overdone. But when done right, it makes you feel like love could be unexpectedly around the corner for everyone. I mean, one of the most popular fanfiction tropes is the “Coffee Shop” alternate universe where characters meet in a coffee shop. Doesn’t get more mundane than that.

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But what if you don’t go to coffee shops? Or sprain your ankle while on a long walk and an attractive stranger happens by? And how many times can we handle two people falling in love because they bumped into each other and dropped something? Sometimes real life can offer great inspiration. Like the unexpected beautiful love story of Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico. It is so good that it would make an amazing start for a romance novel.

A beauty pageant meet cute

It all began in 2020, at the Miss Grand International beauty pageant. Mariana Varela (formerly Miss Argentina) and Fabiola Valentín (formerly Miss Puerto Rico) were both competing in the pageant. Instead of just coming home with a sash or a crown, they walked away from the completion with their true love. Both women kept the romance pretty secret until now.

At the end of October, Mariana and Fabiola both announced their relationship on social media. Now they are not only in love but they are newly married! The posts included several images from their love affair so far, including their beautiful complimentary white wedding outfits. They look so happy that it is easy to feel the love through the screen.

This story is too good to just be on social media. A fictional version of this tale needs to be a story, now. Picture this: two women rushed and stressed from the pressures of being top competitors on the beauty queen circuit met while applying makeup next to each other backstage. For the rest of the competition, it is hard for either to focus because they are so entranced with their fellow beauty queen. I mean, honestly, it writes itself after that. Let’s get this novel on the fast track. Or we can reboot Miss Congeniality, with this romance as the subplot. I’m sure Sandra Bullock would be on board.

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