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I Just Want Bix To Be Okay on ‘Andor’

Adria Arjona in 'Andor' for Disney+.

Bix Caleen is played by Adria Arjona on Star Wars: Andor and has become a character that is trying her best with the cards given to her. She started as someone who was, seemingly, Cassian’s connection to the Rebellion and has grown into a character who has lost so much in the time that we’ve known her.

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In episode 7, we learned a bit more of her past with Cassian when he returned to Ferrix and we got to see Bix in the aftermath of Timm’s death. She was struggling emotionally but still strong in her convictions, and so in episode 8, “Narkina,” when she sees what the Empire is doing to Ferrix, we know that she’s not going to stand for their ruling of her home.

What frightens me, though, is the ending of “Narkina” when the Empire takes Bix—mainly because she’s already been put through the ringer because of the Empire and now they are clearly going to torture her to get information on Cassian.

Bix’s pain at the Empire’s hand

We know that Bix and Cassian used to be in a relationship with each other but the two broke up and stayed close, which is why he’d come to the shop and still was a part of her life. Her boyfriend Timm seemed jealous at times but also seemed to genuinely be a good man, until he turned Cassian in and it royally backfired for him.

Not only did Cassian have to leave Ferrix in that moment but Bix then had to watch as Timm was shot dead in the streets, and she was thrown to the ground and left there by the officers who didn’t care who they hurt in their quest. In that one moment, she lost her love and her friend all in one quick moment, and she was clearly not okay with it in episode 7.

Compare that to what happened by the end of episode 8 and what I assume will continue for the rest of Bix’s arc in season 1 and I just want to save her.

Fiona Shaw, get her out of the Empire’s torture room!

Right now, the only two allies that are still on Ferrix are Bix and Maarva. When Cassian tried to get Maarva to leave with him, she said she was staying to fight for the Rebellion, and in episode 8, we get to see Bix coming to check on her and take care of her. But with Bix at the mercy of the Empire, who knows what is going to happen not only to Bix but to Maarva too?

The reason that Bix is there in the first place is because someone seems to have told them she knew Cassian and so we’ll get more answers (hopefully) in episode 9 about what information they try to get out of her but more than that, I’m just worried about Bix. She’s had a horrible run of it recently on Ferrix and knowing that she wasn’t part of Cassian’s Rebel group in Rogue One has me concerned, even if she could have still been back on Ferrix during that time.

Until we know more, may we all keep Bix safe in our hearts.

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