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HYDRA Cap Gets Meme-ified as Comics Fans Suss Out Their Feelings

Sure, there were plenty of comics fans who weren’t happy about recent developments in Captain America: Steve Rogers #1. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t joke about it. That’s right. HYDRA Cap has been meme-ified.

They did a great round-up of these fan responses over at io9, and I’d love to share some of my favorites! Some fans used memes to underscore how upset they were about Captain America going over to the dark side:

Others used memes to rationally argue for any silver lining on this cloud:

Still others were just in it for the LOLZ:

Though I have to say, my favorite thing I’ve seen on the subject has been this breakdown of what other Marvel heroes might say if faced with a similar character reversal:

I love that chimichangas are such a part of Deadpool’s core essence and story that the fact that he doesn’t love them trumps anything else in his story as the thing he’d go back on.

Whatever your feelings on the Captain America matter, let’s all be glad for the fact there there will always be Internet memes to help us process our emotions.

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