How to Make A How to Train Your Dragon Bangle!

A how to make a how to train your how to.

  1. Materials Materials

    • Cuff bracelet (I re-purposed a beat-up one that I had lying around, but you can easily buy one for a few dollars in a craft or thrift store. Make sure it’s fits loosely, otherwise it may not fit later.)
    • Sequins, the colors of which depends on the dragon you want to emulate
    • Hot glue gun
    • Hot glue sticks

    The best part about this bangle is that it’s totally customizable.  Personally, my favorite dragon from HTTYD is Monstrous Nightmare, (I mean, come on. That name!) hence the red sequins.  However, you can purchase black sequins and dedicate your bangle to Toothless just as easily – it’s completely up to you!

  2. Step 1 Step 1

    Lay your bangle on the floor and place sequins next to it.  This will help you figure out how many sequins need to make up a row.

  3. Step 2 Step 2 Put a small dot of hot glue on the bottom of your bangle, slightly away from the edges of the bangle. The size of the dot depends on the size of your sequins; too much hot glue and you’ll melt the sequin, but too little and it won’t stick.
  4. Step 3 Step 3 Finish a row of sequins on your bangle, with each sequin overlapping each other slightly.
  5. Step 4 Step 4 Start another row next to the one you just completed, with these sequins overlapping the ones you previously glued on.  This should create adragon scale look.
  6. Step 5 Step 5

    Repeat the above two steps until you’ve covered your whole bangle! Make sure you give it time to dry before you try it on.

    Bonus Step: If your bangle is very large and you’re sure your hand will still fit, you can give your dragon bangle an “underbelly” by repeating the same process on the inside of the bangle with a different color sequin.  I recommend you use smaller sequins for this, as they’ll jut out less and will be a comfier fit for your wrist.

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