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We’ve Reached Hot News Anchor Fancam Levels of Election Coverage Obsession


hot boys baby

Fancams have long been an internet staple after growing from their K-pop roots to bring us fan-footage-esque montages of all our favorite celebrities and characters, but now, we’re right in the thick of election season, so is it that surprising that fancams have emerged for the hot men of the news cycle?

I feel bad because when you stop and think about it, these are a bunch of political nerds who are now being thirsted over because we’re all stuck inside and watching this election cycle obsessively. We’re all broken at this point, so we now have things like Jacob Soboroff (who is in Las Vegas as an MSNBC correspondent) finding himself in the position of asking what a fancam is because he’s in them.

But, whatever. These fancams are making me happy and that’s all I really have going for me right now. To answer Jacob Soboroff’s question, a Twitter user shared one of him.

There is OBVIOUSLY a fancam for Kornacki, because we’re all obsessed with Kornacki the Snacki.

And CNN’s John King got his own as well.

Someone DOES need to get on the Gadi Schwartz fancam beat for NBC News, because I’m UPSET there is no fancam for him yet.

But CNN’s Jake Tapper DOES have quite a few out there.

I would be remiss if I did not include these fancams for the state of Georgia, our hero Stacey Abrams, and Jon Ossoff.

Please send me more fancams. I need them to make it through this week. Send me all the Jacob Soboroff content, please. He’s wearing a corduroy shirt buttoned up to the top, and it’s helping soothe me.

(image: MSNBC)

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