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Hook Isn’t as Childishly Delightful as You Remember It in New Honest Trailer


In anticipation of the upcoming Winnie the Pooh movie where Disney sends an adult Christopher Robin back to the Hundred Acre Wood, Honest Trailers has decided to turn their lens to an older movie with a similar premise: Steven Spielberg’s Hook.

Yes, the Robin Williams-starring, live-action Peter Pan update that took us all back to Never Land for imaginary food fights, the majesty that is Rufio, and … pirates playing baseball, among other all-out oddness. Look, 1991 was a weird time, OK? While Spielberg famously is not a huge fan of the movie, unlike those of us who grew up with it, the Honest Trailer maintains that it’s the best of the Peter Pan films, though by best, they mean “least racist,” “most memorable,” and “containing the fewest covers of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit.'” (Was Pan a real movie? How did that happen?)

There’s still a lot of outrageousness in Hook to dissect, though, from its pacing and confusing ending to the absolutely baffling family dynamic where Wendy is and has been clearly in love with Peter, but also adopted him as her grandson? Also, depressed pirates, the lost boys who “can’t hide that after an eternity of battle they’re all broken children desperate for some structure and guidance.”


Yeah, so maybe Hook is a very different movie as an adult—less delightful fairy tale and a bit more “sexually charged, violent movie about a midlife crisis that takes two hours to really get going.” Or, in the minds and hearts of ’90s kids, a total classic. Like I said, it was a weird time.

Rufio’s still the best, though.

(via /Film, image: screencap)

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