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Holy Adorable, Batman! Baby Cozies For Your Geeky Newborn


One day, there will be a Venn diagram created to illustrate the staff member of The Mary Sue who like babies, Batman, and/or both. In the meantime, we would like to bring your attention to these crochet patterns for newborn cozies available at the Etsy shop for Calleigh’s Clips and Crochet Creations. For your tiny little nerd babies.

Please note again, what’s being sold here are patterns, not actual baby garments. Created by Elisabeth Spivey, these are ideal for newborn photography, but we can see some geek moms using them for Halloween costumes or wrapping their babies in a cape the first time he or she expresses some sort of baby-vague interest in the Dark Knight and his faithful companion. By the way, here’s Robin:

This is what the sets look like while not on babies.

The patterns are $5.95 and arrive in a pdf file. For an extra $2.00, you can have printed copies sent to you. Spivey has tons of other patterns in her Etsy shop, by the way. (We’d love to see Spider-Man and Wonder Woman, by the way.)

(Calleigh’s Clips and Crochet Creations via BuzzFeed)

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