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I’ll Get Into Hogwarts Even If It Means I Have to Buy My Acceptance Letter

There are a lot of debates within the Harry Potter fandom, House rivalries, and other conflicts, but one uniting experience we all have is the disappointment of not receiving our Hogwarts acceptance letter and being forced to accept our non-magical, Muggle lives.

But what if you could get your belated acceptance letter by buying your way into Hogwarts?

Ok, not really. But what if you could finally receive that coveted Hogwarts acceptance letter you always dreamed about and pretend to be Harry Potter escaping his miserable Privet Drive life? The greedy boy got an endless supply of letters, but I couldn’t even get one? How is that fair?

A prop house is auctioning the acceptance letter from 2001’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and not just any of the hundred letters—this is the one that Harry first discovers in the post. The letter is described as being in an envelope of “marble-effect paper” with Hogwarts’ signature emerald ink and a “real red-wax Hogwarts seal.” While it’s reported to be a bit cracked, TIME notes the crest is still clear and in “excellent” condition. It also comes with a copy of the letter, so you can get your grubby Muggle hands all over that without ruining the original.

The online bid currently has a starting of amount of £1,500 and an asking of £3,000-£5,000. The infamous Howler Ron receives from his mother is also available, if that’s more your thing.

(via TIME, image: Warner Bros.)

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