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Wizards Used to Sh*t Themselves and More Useless Information From J.K. Rowling

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Not been on Pottermore recently? Well, it might shock you to know that Hogwarts didn’t have bathrooms until the 18th century because they needed Muggles to teach them how bathrooms work, even though wizards live in the real world, too? Whatever the reasoning is, most fans are currently having breakdowns over the news.

Pottermore decided to use National Trivia Day as an excuse to remind everyone of this “fun fact.”

One that no one really wanted because a) it doesn’t make any sense (because why then did Salazar Slytherin create the Chamber of Secrets in a random room accessible through sinks if no one used the bathroom?) and b) they’ve made this known before, and we had all just agreed to obliviate it from our memories.

Except for some of us, apparently.

Everyone needs to know, though, that Hogwarts just had students vanish their poop!

Because … well, Rowling does love wordplay.

How did they know the spell, though? Did the students use bathrooms before they came to school, and their parents vanished their poop? What about their underwear? Is there a spell to clean that up, as well?

So you can see why we had all agreed to forget.

At least the jokes are on fire, though.

Because this time, this information will not be contained.

It’s just nice to know that even Hogwarts’s suspect bathroom is also confused about the franchise’s relationship with excrement.

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