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The History of the Doctor’s Companions [Infographic]

If you aren’t too versed in your Doctor Who, it’s entirely possible that you’d misunderstand exactly what it means when fans say, “The Doctor has had a lot of companions.” This isn’t the Firefly definition of “companion” (re: fancy prostitute), it’s the literal definition, a person with whom one travels. The Doctor is the last of his race, is over 900 years old, and is pretty lonely, so every now and then he picks up a human friend and takes them around time and space. Sometimes they end up choosing to leave the Doctor, sometimes they end up dead, and sometimes they fall in love — and how couldn’t they, the Doctor literally has double the heart — but whatever mystery their fate may be, it’s never a mystery as to whether or not the Doctor will pick up a straggler during his travels and save their lives on a weekly basis.

Considering the Doctor is over 900 years old, he’s had a lot of companions (fine, make the joke anyway, go ahead), but luckily for us, with the help of Muhammed Saleem and Geeks of Doom, we can now keep track of every single one of them.

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(Online Dating University via Geeks of Doom, thanks Muhammed Saleem!)

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