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We’re Here for this “How It Should Have Ended” Captain Marvel/DCEU Crossover Coffee Talk

"You have a full cup of coffee in your belt?"

Captain Marvel left us with a lot of lingering questions about the Avengers and the MCU. Questions like, why didn’t Fury page Carol during the battle of New York or while Ultron was attacking Sokovia? And what’s Carol been doing in space all these years? Also, why is Nick Fury so chill about keeping Goose, who blinded him in one eye? Actually, that one I can understand, as someone who immediately forgives my dog every time they bite me.

Here to tackle these questions are our friends at How It Should Have Ended, who take on Captain Marvel in their latest animated entry. The short opens with Carol/Vers training opposite Yon-Rogg, who keeps reminding her to control her emotions and her fiery fists. Carol asks him why she should be taking lessons from him considering she’s the one with the powers, and then removes her inhibitor chip to go full Captain Marvel.

We then see Carol taking out all of Ronan’s ships, before Superman flies by to congratulate her. He reminds her that now that she’s saved the world, all she needs to do is give a Superman-sized smile to the camera. But unfortunately, Kal-El doesn’t understand that telling a woman to smile is a dick move, so Carol quickly educates him on the subject.

We then see Carol and Supes at the diner, joined by Talos, Nick Fury, Goose, and (my favorite HISHE mainstay) Batman. Everyone schools Superman in some feminism, especially Batman, who “batmansplains” the issue to his super-frenemy. I could watch a whole movie of Superman and Batman sniping at each other and being passive-aggressive, which is unfortunately not what happened in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Goose eats Batman’s coffe mug, but Bats is quick to replace it because that utility belt really does hold everything. Nick Fury tells the table that, despite finding Carol, he’s gonna wait at least a decade to assemble a superhero team. He also shows an unfailing loyalty to Goose, who continues to scratch his face off (again, totally relate).

We then see the 2012 battle of New York reimagined with Carol swooping in to save the day in front of the gobsmacked Avengers before flying face-first into Thanos. Yes, Carol can obviously kick all of the ass, but of course she’s got to chill and hang in space until the Snapture.

A post-credits scene shows Monica Rambeau programming Carol’s suit, before turning it into Shazam’s outfit.

This did get me thinking about the overarching plans for the MCU and how Carol came to be incorporated. How early did Feige know he wanted to bring her into the Avengers? And how far in advance is he planning the next slate of movies? No doubt we’ll be watching them, along with whatever the future of HISHE holds.

(via /Film, image: How It Should Have Ended)

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