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A Rebooted Heroes Might Be Coming To an Xbox Near You

Cautiously Optimistic

In news I didn’t think I’d see today, or ever: Xbox might pull a Netflix and bring a much-beloved show of their own back from the grave.

TVLine‘s Mark Ausiello, who broke the news, notes that Xbox owner MSN is “in talks” with NBC to relaunch Heroes as an Xbox series. If MSN has its way the Xbox version will have new stories and characters, with cameos from original cast members “schedules and interest permitting.”

It’s a move that makes sense on MSN’s part. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are already getting into the original programming game, plus people already watch video through their Xboxes anyway. And what better show to pick than Heroes? It already has a built-in fanbase and can easily be rebooted with the same concept but different characters, so MSN wouldn’t have to, say, work Zachary Quinto‘s Star Trek schedule around Hayden Panettiere‘s Nashville schedule.

I’m still parsing how I feel about this, personally. I absolutely loved Heroes right up until the season one finale when, I felt, the show’s wonderful buildup fizzled in a lackluster anticlimax. I gave season two a shot, but honestly I can’t even remember if I finished it. I heard there was some neat stuff with a circus (??) in a later season, but by that point all of my goodwill had evaporated.

But the first 22 episodes of season one? That was some quality TV. And hey, if it’s good I can watch it, and if it’s bad I don’t have to. If it even happens. I’ll try not to get my hopes up yet.

What say you? Would you give a rebooted Heroes a shot?

(via: TelevisionBlend)

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