Hugh Grant as Mr. Read in Heretic.

‘Heretic’ Will Compete With Robert Zemeckis and Dwayne Johnson for Viewership

When it comes to horror films, few distributors are as familiar with the feeling of a hot streak as A24, and Heretic is looking to continue that trend.

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Indeed, between Talk To Me, I Saw the TV Glow, Civil War (make no mistake, Civil War absolutely counts as a horror film), and countless others, it’s easy to count on A24 to deliver the macabre goods in equal measure that they supply us with the Everything Everywhere All at Onces of the world.

And once MaXXXine and The Front Room have sung their songs, it will be on to Heretic, a horror thriller from the Quiet Place brain trust of Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, in which Hugh Grant trades in his usual Hugh Grant-ness for something far more bone-chilling. And that’s just the cherry on top; the film’s set-dressing of a twisted maze, designed to test one’s faith in the most terrifying way, further indicates that A24 has once again shuffled a diamond into 2024’s theatrical lineup.

So, when will this one be coming along?

When does Heretic release?

Heretic will release to theaters in the United States on November 15, 2024. It will find itself in competition with Robert Zemeckis’ Here, starring Tom Hanks and Robin Wright (a box office bout it will probably lose), and Prime Video’s Red One starring Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans, which would be another worthy opponent if it weren’t a streaming exclusive.

Heretic also stars Chloe East and Sophie Thatcher as Sister Paxton and Sister Barnes, two Mormon missionaries who intend to convert Grant’s character Mr. Reed to their faith. By the time the two girls clock the danger that he poses, however, the trials have already begun.

Stacy Sher (Pulp Fiction) and Julia Glausi produce the project along with Beck and Woods, who will hopefully have slightly better luck here than they did with The Boogeyman.

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