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Where and How To Watch ‘Dragon Ball Z’

goku ready to fight in 'Dragon Ball Z'

So ya wanna watch some tough guys punch each other and cry? Same, honestly. That sounds like a refreshingly emotional display of masculinity, no matter how many filler episodes I gotta sit through.

Wishing on the dragon balls for an answer? Leave that dragon’s balls alone. I’ve got your answer right here, with an extremely thorough guide to watching Dragon Ball Z.

  1. Funimation: Funimation is the official distributor of Dragon Ball Z in North America, so that means they have the complete series on their streaming platform. They even have a free trial period, so you can binge it all before your time runs out!
  2. Crunchyroll: No surprise here. Crunchyroll has everything. They even have both the subbed AND the dubbed version in case you’re one of those people who doesn’t like reading.
  3. Hulu: Listen, Hulu has got SOME of the Dragonball Z series, but don’t come crying to me when you can’t find all of it. Or else I’ll start crying too. Then I’ll punch you.
  4. Amazon Prime: Like Hulu, Amazon only has some of the series as well. And like my response to your Hulu tears, I will punch you and cry if you come at me with watery Amazon eyes.

And just so we’re clear, Dragon Ball Z is not on Netflix. What a bummer, right? Unless of course you live in Japan. Then you could watch it to your lil heart’s content! I suppose you could always get a VPN to connect to a Japanese server, but I dunno how to do that. But I’m sure you’ll figure it out! If you don’t, don’t come crying to me. I’ll give you a guess of what I’ll do. It rhymes with “lunch you and die.”

(featured image: Funimation)

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