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Here Are All the Confirmed Cast Members in Rob Zombie’s ‘The Munsters’

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Rob Zombie has achieved his ultimate dream, remaking the 1960s sitcom The Munsters in his image. Finally, Rob will slam in the back of the real-life Dragula, for the world to see (an episode of The Munsters where Grandpa built the Dragula drag racer to win back the family car, inspired his popular song). And as a Living Dead Girl who has always loved the classic horror film aesthetic, I am here for it.

The Munsters television show took the 1950s ideal family show to a new level. Instead of a picture-perfect family, the members were all monsters just trying to have a normal life. Known for slapstick comedy and witty banter, the show still had a lot of heart and pushed for acceptance of all people.

Production of the reboot started last summer when they built a life-sized re-creation of 1313 Mocking Bird Lane. Right now, there are only teases of information on the release, but we know Universal Pictures will premiere the movie in theaters (and stream it on Peacock simultaneously) sometime in 2022. There’s also been some information on the cast! Here are all the official characters we know so far.

Lily Munster

Lily Munster, the vampire with stylish black and white hair, returns as the matriarch of the Munster family. Like many classic TV mothers, she is the voice of reason in the house. Yet, she has a temper that you don’t want to mess with. She’s hundreds of years old and doesn’t have time for foolishness. Over the course of the original series, she had many jobs including welder and fortune teller. Once, she owned a beauty parlor and gave everyone versions of her own hair-do. The townsfolk weren’t all that happy about it, so she had to close the business. But honestly, I would have been thrilled to get that haircut. They missed out.

Sheri Moon Zombie is set to play Lily Munster in the new movie. Mostly known for playing Baby Firefly in the Firefly horror trilogy, Zombie has starred in several of her husband’s (Rob Zombie) movies and music videos.

Herman Munster

Herman Munster is the loveable oaf and patriarch of the Munster family. Evoking the iconic look of Frankenstein’s monster, Herman may appear scary but is actually very sweet. Working at a local funeral parlor, he somehow blends in with middle America. I guess neck bolts and green skin aren’t that big of a deal. Rob Zombie chose another actor who he previously worked with, Jeff Daniel Phillips, to be the new Herman.


The sarcastic dad of Lily, Grandpa, normally got all the zingers in. A vampire, and a Dracula that can shape-shift, Grandpa also dapples in science. He has a full lab in the basement to carry out his various experiments. Another Rob Zombie film veteran, Daniel Roebuck, will play Grandpa.


In the original series, a rubber bat on a string played Igor. Igor is the loyal pet/assistant to Grandpa, and he spoke in little bat squeaks that only Grandpa understood. And while, Rubber Bat on String, is a lot to live up to, human actor and former Doctor Who star, Sylvester McCoy, is going to try his best.

New Characters on the Block

Along with the old favorites, there will be several new characters in the reboot. Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang (Richard Brake) is a mad scientist with unknown intentions. Another new character will be Dr. Wolfgang’s assistant, and friend to Herman, Floop (Lost‘s Jorge Garcia). Longtime actress Catherine Schell came out of retirement to play the mysterious Zoya Krupp.

Last, but not least, original character Barbara Carr is the number one realtor in Mockingbird Heights. Playing her is Cassandra Peterson (better known as the mistress of the dark, Elvira).

Lily and Herman’s son (Eddie) and niece (Marilyn) are rumored to appear in the movie but there is no official word on casting.

Rob Zombie, who is usually known for the gore and violence of his films, said on his official Instagram account that the film will be rated PG. This means all the little monsters can enjoy the scary fun.

(featured image: Universal Pictures)

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