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First Official Picture of Henry Cavill as Superman in Full Costumey Glory

Officially Official

And here is is, folks — the Man of Steel! This is the first official picture being released of Henry Cavill in the Superman costume for Zach Snyder‘s Man of Steel, and it has officially not let us down. It’s a little hard to tell what’s going on in this picture, whether it’s a still from a scene or a publicity photo (though he is looking directly at the camera, so probably the latter). But that suit? That looks pretty badass, if you ask me. In fact, that is one intimidating Superman. I would totally trust that guy to turn the Earth backwards, or even just stop a mugging. If you’d like to see Mr. Cavill as Clark Kent, you can see those pics after the jump. This post is the total package.

You might notice that Cavill is not sporting the classic Superman curl in that pic, but when he was on the set at San Diego Comic Con playing his alter ego, Clark Kent, walking around in costume as Clark Kent, it was undeinable — there was definite curl.

And here is a full shot of Clark, who, while having the correct hair, does not have glasses. Lois is totally going to recognize him now! Oh, maybe that’s why Superman doesn’t have a curl. (Or maybe he just doesn’t have them on while he’s not shooting.)

Curls = perfect disguise.

ETA: Apologies for the inaccurate description of the latter two photos as set photos, and thanks to the commenters who pointed out the error. I blame Kryptonite.

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