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Sally Field Stars in May-December Romance Dramedy Hello, My Name is Doris


Hello, My Name is Doris – In theaters 3/11Vanity Fair says Sally Field “plays ‘Doris to’ endearing perfection.” Join the heartwarming journey in #HelloMyNameisDoris – Directed by Michael Showalter and costarring Max Greenfield. In theaters March 11.

Posted by Hello, My Name Is Doris on Friday, February 5, 2016

It’s rare to see films about female protagonists once they reach A Certain Age. It’s even rarer to see those women portrayed as a potential love interest for a younger, attractive man. Hell, it’s rare to see them matter to a younger generation at all, which is why I was thrilled to see the trailer above for the awesome-looking film, Hello, My Name is Doris.

The film is directed by Michael Showalter which, if you know him from Wet, Hot American Summer or his work on the Stella Shorts, might surprise you. He also co-wrote the script with Laura Terruso, who was a graduate student in film at NYU, where Showalter teaches screenwriting. She created the character of Doris, and they went on from there.

The inimitable Sally Field looks like she rocks this role, and she stars alongside fellow female powerhouse, Tyne Daly, who stars as Doris’ best friend who starts missing Doris when she starts living a more extroverted life with a younger crowd. New Girl‘s Max Greenfield stars as the object of Doris’ affections. It also stars several of Showalter’s usual Stella cohorts.

What I love most about this trailer is 1) It’s a film about an older woman, 2) It’s a film that centers around two female characters and one of their granddaughters, 3) Max Greenfield’s character as a potential love interest for Doris isn’t played as a joke – the comedy comes from Doris’ personality/fantasy sequences/etc, but the film isn’t treating her as ridiculous for wanting this younger man. To me, this looks like a perfect little nugget of a film.

Hello, My Name is Doris opens March 11th. Will you be checking it out?

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