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There’s a Heartbreaking Spider-Man: No Way Home Rumor

Please don't hurt me.

Tom Holland as Peter Parker walking through a protest that says Devil in Disguise

We’re no stranger to Spider-Man: No Way Home spoilers at this point. From the stars accidentally slipping up to trailers getting leaked right before they officially drop, this is a movie that has everyone itching for more information about what is going to happen to Peter Parker. But there are new rumors that don’t have too much information but give us just enough fear to make us worried for some of our favorite characters.

Turn away now if you want to avoid potentially significant spoilers.

According to Yahoo! Entertainment, a purported leak bolstered rumors that a character will die who we know and love in this movie, and that this is just the start of the multiverse, and that there are so many other aspects of this movie that just start this saga for Peter Parker and for fans of Spider-Man.

@Spiderfanleaker on Twitter shared the “leak,” so we’re not sure exactly how true the rumor is—though Yahoo! points out there’s reason to trust this source more than others—but apparently, someone is dying, and it isn’t any version of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. If it is that significant though, that means we run the risk of losing Ned, MJ, Aunt May, Happy Hogan, or any of the other characters who have helped Peter Parker along the way.

At this point, there are so many rumors out there, who knows what is real anyway? This could be just one of those rumors out there going around without any real truth to it. But if we do have to say goodbye to a character we know and love in the Peter Parker universe, please don’t let it be MJ.

Zendaya’s MJ is not only my favorite version of Peter’s love interest, but she also has so much left to give us, and I can’t wait to see what No Way Home holds for her. I just hope that her death doesn’t factor into it. To be honest, I don’t want anyone to die because Peter Parker has done nothing but suffer throughout the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. The way his life has been going, I’m sure they’ll make everyone forget him and then kill someone right as they remember who Peter Parker is to them, just to dig the knife in that much deeper.

If this is just the beginning of the Spiderverse, though, that does open doors up for characters like Miles Morales to show up and the world of Spider-Man to grow in an exciting way. That rumor I like. The rumor about someone dying again in Peter Parker’s life? Not so much.

Whatever Spider-Man: No Way Home turns out to be, we clearly care way too much about what is next for Peter Parker, but can you blame us? The last we saw, he was on the run because of Mysterio. We’re just worried about our boy and until we actually get to see the movie, all we have are these rumors to terrify us.

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