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HBO Now Available…Now, So You Can Watch Game of Thrones Without A Borrowed Password!

"You haven't seen The Wire?! You really have to see The Wire!"

HBO Now, the long-awaited follow-up to HBO Go that doesn’t require a big-ass cable package is now available! And introducing it in hilarious fashion is John Oliver in the awesome announcement above.

HBO Now is available via Apple products and Optimum Online for $14.99 a month, which is a bargain, considering that you not only get access to all of HBO’s current shows, but their entire back catalog! Yes, including The Wire, which I still need to watch.

Now, those of us with Androids, Windows products, or Time Warner internet must remain dependent on the kindness of strangers and our friends’ HBO Go passwords to get our Game of Thrones fixes, so their “All You Need is the Internet to Get HBO” tagline isn’t entirely true. Still, I can wait until the inevitable time when HBO Now really is available anywhere there’s an internet connection. Their website says “More providers coming soon.” I hope the wait isn’t long.

(via Winter Is Coming)

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