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HARSH WRITING ADVICE: You Do You and Don’t Listen to Men on the Internet

Harsh writing advice: delete this.

Nick Miller writer

Sometimes, you just need some HARSH WRITING ADVICE from a random man on the internet. Actually, no you don’t. No one needs that, but we got a lovely dose of it recently, and everyone has now taken to making fun of the tweet in question.

The meme started when a Twitter user tweeted out (and has since deleted) some of his HARSH WRITING ADVICE—which was to say that your writer friends are not your friends but your competition. That’s frankly ridiculous because my writer friends are the ones that help me organize my thoughts and tell me when things don’t make sense.

That’s why we have writers’ groups or try to organize time to all share our ideas together: It helps make you a better writer. Bouncing ideas off one another or reading through your stuff only makes your work stronger. Maybe this guy just didn’t have any friends willing to read his stuff? Probably because your writing advice is unnecessary and, to use your own word, HARSH.

Still, we owe this unnecessary advice thanks because it has given us a beautiful new meme from the writers of Twitter.

In the words of Nick Miller, “Writers don’t read. We write,” and so maybe that’s just that guy’s mindset. Can’t read his friends’ work or have them read his because he has to keep on writing. That’s my HARSH TAKE on his HARSH WRITING ADVICE.

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