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Things We Saw Today: Harrison Ford Hurt Himself AGAIN


Harrison Ford is 78 years old. That hasn’t stopped him from doing things like flying planes, crashing said planes, and walking away from the crash as if he’s not 78 years old. And now Ford has injured his shoulder rebooting the Indiana Jones franchise … why does this sound familiar? Oh, because it happened like five years ago when he was rebooting another one of his franchises.

According to Deadline, Ford hurt his shoulder during a fight rehearsal, and shooting is going to revolve around the injury/Ford’s recovery. Many were concerned about the Han Solo star because of his age and the fact that he was doing this stunt at all, which is a fair and valid, but again, it’s Harrison Ford.

Tweets came in urging everyone to protect Harrison Ford (and worrying about him doing stunts at his age). But as someone who loves Harrison Ford more than almost anyone else (he shares a birthday with my mother, and I always wish him a “Happy Birthday” first), chances are that Ford definitely wouldn’t let them tell him what he can and cannot do. He’s my stubborn king who is determined to just carry on his life hurting himself and saying “oh well” afterward.

To the point that he even hurt himself during Blade Runner 2049 by accidentally punching Ryan Reynolds. Harrison Ford just, frankly, does not give a f**k.

Anyway, here’s Pedro Pascal talking about meeting Harrison Ford which is specific to me and my interests.

Harrison Ford, get better soon, and please, for my sanity, stop hurting yourself.

(image: Lucasfilm)

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