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Things We Saw Today: Happy National Film Score Day, and We Need More Female Composers

Plus more things we saw today!


Carol Danvers and Nick Fury in Captain Marvel

It’s National Film Score Day, which for a soundtrack nerd basically means today is the day to shamelessly blast your favorite Michael Giacchino or Alexandre Desplat score.

It’s also a day to stop and reflect on the fact that there are very few female composers who break out in a big way in film and television. USC Annenberg released a study that showed that for the top 100 fictional films at the box office every year from 2007 to 2017, only 16 female composers were hired in total. That’s higher than I expected, but still a record low number. Only six women have been nominated for the Best Original Score Oscar, and only three have won.

Captain Marvel was Marvel’s first film with a female composer, which hopefully means that more women will be able to break into composing for big-name films. As we strive for inclusion in front of the camera, we should strive for equality behind it as well; that means women in all roles behind the camera. Let more women compose films, and we’ll begin to hear a new sound in cinema.

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