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Happy May Day to Florence Pugh’s May Queen Alone


Florence Pugh as Dani in Midsommar

Midsommar is the kind of movie that I loved and hated simultaneously and still cannot decide where I land on it. That being said, I was the May Queen for Halloween (sort of), so … I guess I loved it enough to want to dress up like Florence Pugh covered in flowers and immortalize it on my Instagram for the rest of time. (I was the Aunt May Queen because it was a mash-up party, and why wouldn’t I want to be both Marisa Tomei and Florence Pugh? Get it TOGETHER, internet.)

But Midsommar has also ushered in a sea of people misunderstanding May Day, the world of Midsommar, and what it means, and so much more. Instead of focusing on any of that (because who really has the energy?), let’s just focus on the jokes and the memes in honor of May Day.

Florence Pugh as the May Queen

I’m going to be completely honest: I had no idea about any of this stuff prior to this movie, and I still don’t know that much. (At the actual May Festival, they don’t ritualistically kill their elders. I did learn that!) I looked up the differences after the movie because that’s the kind of dork I am, but other than that, it’s above my level of comprehension. (Luckily, we have Jessica Mason to cover all of that!) But Florence Pugh’s May Queen deserves an homage.

It’s May. Let me live, let me meme!

To start us off in the right mood, here is Florence Pugh walking and sobbing as Dani, because it’s 2020 and that’s all we do now.

Spoilers for Midsommar ahead.

Midsommar was a horror movie that took the idea of horror movies and made it about a woman escaping her shitty boyfriend who cheats on her and thinks she’s a burden by catching him on fire in a bearskin. (No literally, they kill a bear and put Jack Reynor in it after he runs around fully nude after having slept with a woman in the community while a bunch of other women basically pushed his dick into her. It’s a weird movie.)

Gif from Midsommar

But what it gave us (apart from the need to Google the actual May Festival and what it all means) was plenty of meme material. Florence Pugh’s Dani was the standout performance of the entire movie (and she should have been nominated for it at the Academy Awards), and thus, our love of making jokes or talking about the movie began.

How I fully plan on sitting down for dinner tonight:

Gif from Midsommar

In preparation for May, many have taken to Twitter to share Midsommar moments to get in the mood.

So whether you like the movie or not, we can at least all agree … the memes are worth it.

(images: A24)

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